Having trouble grinding/milling? Cryogenics could be the answer.

Having trouble grinding/milling?
Cryogenics could be the answer.

Particle size reduction with cryogenic grinding/milling with liquid nitrogen

Size reduction technical articles

The case for nitrogen inerting of flammable and combustible liquids
Protection against gas, oxygen and ignition coming together unexpectedly, explosively.
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Should you use Nitrogen for your size reduction operation?
Size reduction of solid materials is one of the most important technologies in the modern world because of the breadth of products it impacts.
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The case for nitrogen inerting of flammable and combustible liquids
Protection against gas, oxygen and ignition coming together unexpectedly, explosively.
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Prevent combustible dust explosions with N2 inerting
Inerting for combustible dust and the economics of explosion prevention.
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Practical low-temperature size reduction
Cryogenic grinding uses liquid nitrogen and offers numerous features attractive to processors trying to grind challenging materials.
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Cryogenic grinding: a multitasking marvel
From spices to thermosplastics, cryogenic size reduction can provide benefits to a variety of industries.
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A cool approach to size reduction
Cryogenic grinding solutions can be used to produce fine particles in multiple applications.
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Use nitrogen safely
Understanding the potential hazards and taking the proper precautions will allow you to reap such benefits as improved product quality and enhanced process safety.
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Size reduction literature

PolarFit Cryogenic Grinding Solutions for Efficient Size Reduction
Our PolarFit size reduction systems use the cooling power of liquid nitrogen to remove heat produced in the grinding process, allowing you to achieve higher yield of particles in your target range, more uniform particle size distribution, higher production rates, Improved product quality and improved process safety due to the nitrogen inertness.
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PolarFit Cooling Conveyor
Choosing the right cooling conveyor for the job is critical to your cryogenics operation. The correct size and type of conveyor translates into a more efficient process. And a more efficient process saves you money. We can help make your choice easier—Air Products offers a selection of cooling conveyors backed by our experience to maximize the performance of your cryogenic grinding system.
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PolarFit Ultra-Fine-Grinding Mill
Our mill can help you meet product specifications previously considered impossible. Although every material is different, in some cases our mill can produce particles as small as 10 microns! 
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Videos – Cryogenic grinding or milling with liquid nitrogen

The PolarFit Ultra-Fine-Grinding Mill
An overview of our mill.
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Interview with Alan Barton, CEO, Lehigh Technologies
Lehigh Technologies uses cryogenic grinding to produce micron-scale powders. Alan Barton, CEO, talks about the benefits of our PolarFit ultra-fine-grinding mill.
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Size reduction webinars

Technical Webinar Replay, The Fundamentals of Cryogenic Grinding
Cryogenic grinding can help you cost-effectively achieve desired particle sizes or yield of particles in your target range; grind heat sensitive or tough-to-mill materials; as well as increase production, product quality and process safety. Watch to learn about the fundamentals of cryogenic grinding, benefits and results of cryogenic grinding, safety considerations and precautions, and equipment requirements for cryogenics.
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An overview of cryogenic grinding solutionsPolarFit™ cryogenic grinding solutions

PolarFit™ cryogenic grinding solutions (3:06)

Effective & efficient grinding
particularly for heat sensitive or
tough-to-mill materials.

Cryogenic grinding/milling system configurations

Cryogenic grinding/milling system configurations

Learn about our PolarFit systems.

PolarFit Ultra-Fit-Grinding Mill

PolarFit ultra-fine-grinding mill

Ultra-fine grinding’s no small task. We can help break things down.

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