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PolarFit cryogenic grinding/milling system configurations for particle size reduction

There are many ways to make your cryogenic grinding/milling process more efficient. Whether you are looking for a turnkey cryogenic grinding system or components of the system to retrofit your existing process, we can help you find and implement the optimal solution based on your current process, feed material and desired product goals. Below are descriptions of the three PolarFit size reduction system configurations we offer.

A. Removing heat by injecting liquid nitrogen into mill chamber

Many materials experience chemical and physical deterioration from heat generated during conventional grinding.This configuration can help you eliminate the heat by injecting liquid nitrogen into the grinding chamber.

The liquid nitrogen cools the process and stabilizes the temperature below the critical reaction point. As the liquid nitrogen vaporizes, it leaves the chamber atmosphere purged of oxygen and virtually inert. This minimizes oxidation and reduces the hazard of explosion. This system has an automatic temperature control and a low capital cost.

Figure 1

B. Embrittling tough, resilient materials with liquid nitrogen in a cooling conveyor

Tough, resilient materials require complete embrittlement prior to actual grinding in a cooling conveyor that transfers the feedstock from the hopper to the grinding mill. Liquid nitrogen sprays onto the material as it moves along the conveyor, resulting in a high heat transfer coefficient on the pellet surface. This rapid cooling makes the material brittle and easier to grind by a variety of impact-type mills. 

Figure 2

C. Embrittling tough, large shape materials with liquid nitrogen in a tunnel freezer

This size reduction system configuration can help you process larger shape materials. Embrittled material passes from the tunnel freezer to an impact mill where the individual components are separated and ground. Our tunnel cooling system can also be retrofitted to many types of existing mills. 

Figure 3

An overview of cryogenic grinding solutionsPolarFit™ cryogenic grinding solutions

PolarFit™ cryogenic grinding solutions (3:06)

Effective & efficient grinding
particularly for heat sensitive or
tough-to-mill materials.

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