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Air Products’ helium puts the rise in balloons, aerostats/ blimps, airships, and high-altitude scientific research balloons worldwide. Our helium customers can count on our more than five decades of helium extraction, production, distribution and storage experience. We’ll provide a secure, reliable helium supply to your hanger, deployment field or wherever you need it.

We offer a variety of technical services, gas-based solutions and a full line of industrial gases—helium, oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen, argon and various gas blends for small and large volume users.  Talk to Air Products, our applications engineers can work with you to understand your operation and recommend improvements that can help you optimize gas use and improve product quality.

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Helium (He) is a colorless, odorless, inert gas delivered cryogenically that reaches ppb levels of purity when high purity helium is passed through a purification system.


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