Helium -- 150th Anniversary

Helium was discovered
on August 18, 1868

Air Products is excited to celebrate the day helium was first discovered! If you’re wondering what all the excitement is about, then let us share with you the many ways helium touches our lives every day.

Have you ever gone to the hospital for an MRI? Do you watch cable TV or search the Internet? Have you ever been in a car accident where the airbag has deployed? Do you decorate for parties using balloons that float in the air? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then helium has played a role in your life too. 

Click here to discover the many ways our world benefits from helium’s unique properties.

Celebrating 150 Years of Helium!

You can’t make helium. It’s formed by the radioactive decay of uranium, and it accumulates in certain natural gas fields around the world where it is recovered through natural gas production.

It’s hard to imagine where we would be without helium. Helium is valued as a gas for lifting, breathing mixtures, leak detection, shielding and more, as well as a liquid for cooling. 

Air Products is proud to be a leading global supplier of this gas. Learn more about our reliable helium supply, including the unique way we are producing helium at our facility in Doe Canyon, Colorado.

Fun Fact!

Helium was named after the Greek Titan of the Sun, Helios. The first evidence of helium was observed on August 18, 1868 as a bright yellow line in the spectrum of the chromosphere of the sun. The line was detected by French astronomer Jules Janssen during a total solar eclipse.

Celebrate Safely!Celebrate Safely!

Celebrate Safely! (1:23)

Please take a couple minutes to view this very important helium safety message.


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