Freeze. Grind. Extract.
Liquid nitrogen or CO2 can improve hemp-CBD quality and yield.

In the fast-growing industrial hemp market, industrial gases can play an important role in harvesting, processing, extraction and packaging. 

hempHarvesting–Flash freezing the hemp harvest with liquid nitrogen prior to storage in an Air Products Freshline® IQ tunnel freezer can prevent mold and lock in the plant’s rich chemical content

Processing–During the grinding process, adding liquid nitrogen to the mill or conveyor can eliminate heat and subsequent oil stickiness that causes clogging and downtime. 

Extraction–When cold extracting, CO2 or liquid nitrogen can be more cost effective and efficient in removing the desired oils by lessening downstream purification needed to achieve desired product quality. 

Packaging (Modified Atmosphere Packaging, MAP)–Dosing the final package with a small amount of liquid nitrogen can serve as a protective layer from oxidation or moisture effectively blanketing the oils enhancing quality and shelf-life.

Air Products has been successfully supplying industrial gases to the food and pharmaceutical industries for over 60 years and now applies our expertise to support hemp producers as well. Our team of experts can review your process and help you identify opportunities where liquid nitrogen or CO2 can enhance product quality and shelf-life, increase productivity, and improve safety. We have a state-of-the-art applications lab to test your product, or we can visit your site for field testing. 

Put our experts to the test. Contact us for a free-application analysis at 800-654-4567, press 3 (mention code 12557) or 

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Process Cooling Magazine February 2020 article "Cryogenic Cooling Solutions for Compliant Industrial Hemp Processing"

Liquid nitrogen cooling finds use in an array of applications to help industrial hemp processors meet increasing quality, safety, and market demands.

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