Inert Wave Soldering

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Lower your cost of printed circuit board assembly.

The proprietary Air Products equipment delivers N2 inerting to entire solder pot environment to insure proper inerting to provide excellent dross reduction and quality improvements. The equipment is designed and manufactured to meet your process parameters for optimized results. It can be installed on any wave solder machine with minimum down time. We custom fit the equipment to your machine and process. Our equipment is low maintenance nitrogen delivery system and has an easy change, inexpensive, protective sleeve to reduce downtime and improve productivity.

Statistics from actual customers

  • Dross reduction rates from 75-90%
  • Defect rate reduction 65-70%
  • Oxygen concentration: proper level is achieved to provide the maximum benefit
  • Protective sleeve replacement cycle: approximately every two weeks
  • Dross cleaning cycle: every 3 to 4 days – process dependant

Average Dross Reduction


Inerting helps form more complete filets in the through hole on your printed circuit board assembly.


Inert Wave Soldering
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Expertise, Technology and Gases: A Total Solution for the Global Electronics Packaging, Assembly and Test Industry
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Expertise, technology, and gases: A total solution for the global electronics packaging, assembly and test industry
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Benefits of inert gas soldering for printed circuit board assembly processes
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Facilitating the reduction of head-in-pillow defects and improving assembly reliability and in-line productivity using nitrogen reflow
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Cost effective and user friendly nitrogen inerting technology for lead-free wave soldering
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