The Freshline® LIN-IS liquid nitrogen injection cooling system makes meat processing easier.


Air Products’ proprietary Freshline LIN-IS system injects liquid nitrogen providing rapid, precise temperature control to the blender or mixer/grinder prior to forming or further processing steps; ultimately improving processing speed and product quality. Perfect for chilling ground meat prior to forming hamburger patties, marinated chicken prior to forming nuggets, or many other products that require heat removal during mixing, blending or grinding.

Ultra-cold liquid nitrogen cools very efficiently. The Freshline LIN-IS system uses the same or less amount of cryogen (in this case nitrogen) than comparable CO2 systems. In some cases, LIN-IS nitrogen usage can be 20–30% less than CO2. It is cost-effective alternative for processors facing CO2 supply disruptions. 

The Freshline LIN-IS system is easy to operate, clean and maintain . . . and can be retrofitted to new or existing equipment. 

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Freshline LIN-IS Liquid Nitrogen Injection System Data Sheet
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LIN-ISAir Products Freshline LIN-IS Technolocy

Air Products Freshline LIN-IS Technolocy (3:36)

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