Our Low-k Solutions give you a quicker ride to the next node

Our Low-k Solutions give you a quicker
ride to the next node.

Wherever the roadmap leads, we’ll get you there.

As soon as you reach one technology node, the next one will be waiting around the corner. And we will be there, too. Our CVD low-k solutions include DEMS® and PDEMS® ILD Precursors. And our long-standing OEM relationships and global support make your ramp-up fast and efficient, no matter where you are in your process.

We have a broad portfolio of materials, the technical experience needed to help you integrate them quickly into your processes, and the focus to provide these solutions effectively.

Technology Developments

As chipmakers implement low-k, it is apparent that integration schemes are becoming more end-user specific. Adoption of porous low-k materials (like our PDEMS offering) enables the co-introduction of various integration support products. Through our Air Products ACT® product line, we have developed compatible strippers and wet clean solutions for successful integration.

Air Products expertise in low-k development continues to focus on integration support in the areas of chamber clean, UV cure optimization, dielectric restoration, pore sealing, and advancements in reactive ion etch (RIE) and ash technology.


Air Products offers a full line of gas and chemical delivery systems, featuring our GASGUARD®; and CHEMGUARD® fabwide delivery systems.

MEGASYS Onsite Services

A complete supply of all gases, equipment, materials, and services by a team of Air Products onsite operations experts. This arrangement allows the semiconductor manufacturer to achieve more effective operations, greater technical innovations, improved safety and environmental protection, and lower device and ownership costs through higher yields and improved uptime.

To obtain additional more comprehensive information on our entire low-k solution, please contact us.

Gases/Chemicals Product Information

(DEMS® ILD Precursor)
Download PDF (278 KB)

CVD Dielectric
(PDEMS® ILD Precursor)
Download PDF (275 KB)

Download PDF (278 KB)

Download PDF (278 KB)

Download PDF (278 KB)

Silicon Tetrafluoride
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Technical Articles/Publications

Optimized Materials Properties for Organosilicate Glasses Produced by Plasma-Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition
Download PDF (175 KB)

Organofluorosilicate Glass Interlayer Dielectric Material and Integration Study
Download PDF (378 KB)

Impact of Pore Size and Morphology of Porous Organosilicate Glasses on Integrated Circuit Manufacturing
Download PDF (144 KB)


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