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Hydrogen costs skyrocketing?

LifeCycle Solutions can help.

If you manage an oil refinery, petrochemical facility, ammonia plant, or any large industrial complex that uses hydrogen, you probably have a PRISM Hydrogen Membrane system quietly keeping your reaction loops in balance. PRISM Membrane systems are known for their long life and efficient operation.

But when was the last time you benchmarked its performance?

Production load demands fluctuate. Flow characteristics change. Process upsets and unexpected contaminations can affect membrane performance. These factors may be making your system less effective than expected.

LifeCycle Solutions is the aftermarket and site services unit of PRISM Membranes. Our team of experts will conduct a comprehensive evaluation of your hydrogen membrane system’s performance and generate a report with recommendations to restore or enhance hydrogen recovery.

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Case Study: LifeCycle Solutions - Membranes for Oil Refineries LifeCycle Solutions is the aftermarket and service team for Air Products Engineered systems. Download this case study to discover how our technicians and engineers optimized a hydrogen-membrane system control scheme for an oil refinery customer to achieve dramatic performance upgrades.

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