Welding and cutting gases for peak performance

Welding and cutting gases
for peak performance

High-performance gases for high-quality welding and cutting

The MaxxTM shielding gases deliver the highest levels of performance—including better weld quality and faster welding speeds—to maximize productivity, reduce rejects and improve your working environment. Our shielding gases exceed the requirements of all relevant gas quality and mix accuracy standards and include all industry standard welding mixtures.

Rely on Air Products gases for high-quality and efficient production, no matter how demanding the application:



Laser, GMAW, GTAW, Oxy-Fuel, PAW
Our high-performance, easy-to-use shielding gases deliver quality welds and improved productivity.

FerromaxxTM 7
For faster, cleaner welding of steel
Download PDF (695 KB)

FerromaxxTM 15
For faster, cleaner welding of steel
Download PDF (1 MB)

InnomaxxTM 2
Maximum performance for welding stainless steel
Download PDF (879 KB)

InnomaxxTM TIG
Maximum performance for welding stainless steel
Download PDF (1 MB)



Laser, Oxy-Fuel, Plasma
Excellent fuel and assist gas technology provides precise cuts and high cutting speeds for all processes from oxy-fuel to the latest high-power lasers and high-def plasma.


Welding Application Specialists

Our welding application specialists bring real world welding experience to your shop floor. They can bring you analytical equipment for measuring welding processes, hold gas flow and shop floor demonstrations to optimize welding, and show you how to blend shielding gases on-site.


Gas Mixing Equipment for Optimal Shielding Gas Supply


CryoEase Microbulk Solutions

Our flexible, cost-effective gas supply solution provides an alternative to cylinder supply.



Optimizing your laser cutting gas supplyOptimizing your laser cutting gas supply

Optimizing your laser cutting gas supply (2:42)

Don Bowe, Applications Engineer, highlights important criteria for laser gas efficiency

Maxxpak Datasheet

Blend it. Move it. Weld it.

with Maxx™Pak portable shielding gas blending system. (733 KB)

Symphony of WeldingSymphony of Welding

Symphony of Welding (5:13)

Air Products' Maxx™ gases deliver a quality weld that both looks and sounds good. We call it the Symphony of Welding.


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