Welding and cutting gases for peak performance

Welding and cutting gases
for peak performance

Gas Mixing Equipment for Optimal Shielding Gas Supply

New! Maxx™Pak portable shielding gas blending system

Economical, efficient, on-site blending for your welding operation
  • Useful for construction sites, shipyards, shut downs, outages, etc.
  • Two gas mixtures customized for your welding methods
  • Five-port manifold for multiple gas use points
  • Flow rates up to 350 scfh
  • Secure and lockable frame
  • Can be moved by forklift or knuckle cranes
  • Filled onsite by CryoEase® microbulk truck
  • No power required 

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Maxx™Pak portable shielding gas blending system 

Onsite Blending for Shielding Gas

  • Two or three component mixtures for shielding gas supply
  • Reduce cost and improve efficiency vs. traditional high pressure cylinder supply
    • Accuracy of pre-mix cylinder blend could vary by 5 to 10%
    • Blend ratio can change in pre-mix cylinders with higher concentrations of CO2, especially in high flow situations
    • Accuracy of pre-mix cylinder concentration can change as pressure in the cylinder drops
    • Only pay for what you use, avoid residual product sent back to supplier by blending onsite

Gas mixer options – fixed or flexible

gas mixing

Example of mix gas installation

gas mixing


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