Molten metal blanketing systems

Increase yield and reduce overall operating costs with proprietary molten metal blanketing systems

Proprietary solutions to improve your foundry operations

Air Products’ molten metal blanketing technologies can help ferrous and non-ferrous foundry operators increase yield and reduce overall operating costs. Our patented technologies displace the atmospheric oxygen and water vapor with a dry and inert argon or nitrogen atmosphere so you can blanket the melt surface to prevent metal oxidation and gas pick-up. By reducing metal oxidation, our technologies can help you reduce alloy costs and improve melt cleanliness and quality—resulting in less rework and scrap. With our proprietary vortex sprayer and swirl cone technologies, you may be able to use 50% less gas than conventional molten metal blanketing techniques within your induction and crucible furnaces. The optimal solution for your process depends on many factors, such as your furnace’s operating parameters, quality goals and the current market conditions. 

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Molten Metal Blanketing Technologies
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