Discover the latest innovating in oxy-fuel technology that can boost your performance at ALUMINIUM 2020

Transient Heating Oxy-fuel burner

This innovative technology can help you realise:

  • Up to 40% increased productivity
  • Up to 40% improved fuel efficiency
  • Up to 20% higher metal yield

Aluminium 2020 - Transient Heating Oxy-fuel burner

More even heating.

Even more heating performance.
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Air Products Process Intelligence

Industry 4.0 is beginning to shape the way aluminum foundries are designed and operated, introducing new ways of working, with increased data access for all levels of personnel, from maintenance to management. 

  • optimise your processes
  • drive down costs
  • reduce carbon footprint

Transient Heating Oxy-fuel burner - Aluminum 2020

Air Products Process Intelligence is a platform that can provide insight into process optimisation by taking advantage of smart systems, incorporating wireless sensors and Cloud technology to track key process parameters.

Nitrogen shrouding, → increase your productivity in aluminium extrusion

Gaseous or liquid nitrogen can be used for die shrouding in aluminum extrusion processes to inert the extrusion surface and take heat away from the tooling. Many extruders already use nitrogen, but do you know the full benefits of the nitrogen shrouding?

Nitrogen can be used for die shrouding in aluminium extrusion processes to inert the extrusion surface to extend die life and increase production.

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