Performance Cleaning for the Post-NPE-World

Performance Cleaning for the Post-NPE World
Prepare today . . . for new NPE legislation tomorrow

Move beyond the US Environmental Protection Agency SNUR on nonylphenols ethoxylates by trying our specially designed alternatives to nonyphenol-based surfactants

Many regions are restricting the use of nonylphenol ethoxylates (NPEs) through regulation. In Europe, for instance, these chemistries are regulated under REACh Annex XVII which limits their use to relatively low use-levels in cleaning products. Other countries, such as Canada, have implemented notification requirements for facilities using NPEs, as a means to monitor their use. Local agencies are also adopting measures, notably the state of California which has included NPEs in the Candidate List of chemicals of its Safer Consumer Products regulation, also providing a basis for future review.

Most recently, the US Environmental Protection Agency has begun to take action. The Agency has been studying this class of chemicals since 2010, when it first issued its Action Plan for Nonyphenols and Nonyphenol Ethoxylates. In late 2014, the Agency proposed a Significant New Use Rule related to 15 common nonylphenol and nonylphenol ethoxylates. This ruling would require that any use not ongoing as of October 1, 2014 of listed NPEs would be deemed a ‘significant new use’ subject to notification, fees, and other requirements of 40 CFR 721. Although some cleaning uses are identified as ongoing, the EPA’s original 2010 Action Plan had as its original intention to consider detergent and cleaning as a new use, suggesting that the Agency may continues to view these areas for future action.

In addition to regulatory pressure, non-governmental organization such as Greenpeace and BizNGO have been tracking developments of NPEs in the marketplace, increasing visibility of this class of ingredients to consumers and users of cleaning products.

Move Beyond Regulation to a Post-NPE World

Many companies are safeguarding themselves from regulatory and consumer/worker-safety backlash by shifting to NPE alternative solutions on a proactive basis. And, Air Products can help. Through years of investigating NPE-alternatives, we have created several solutions that provide your products with a cost-effective and performance-driven alternative to NPE use.

Performance Measures

Tomadol 900 Surfactant is a drop-in replacement for NP-9 that cleans more effectively and faster at lower concentrations.

Tomadol 900 Surfactant
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Tomadol 902 Surfactant enables creation of new formulations that deliver twice the performance at half the use-level.

Tomadal 902 Surfactant
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