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Your operational needs are unique and no two furnaces are alike. That’s why we work with you to understand your goals and use our innovative burners and precision-control systems to engineer a custom-designed solution to match your furnaces' specific characteristics. We can help you achieve the following benefits so you can move ahead of the competition:

• Optimize production
• Reduce emissions
• Improve yield 
• Reduce energy costs
• Improve product quality
• Increase process flexibiity

Case Studies

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Transient Heating burner
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Helping Aluminum Producers Optimize Production and Economics, Light Metal Age video
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Articles and Technical Papers

Combustion Technologies Improve Melting-Furnace Productivity, Industrial Heating
Download article (188 MB)

Effective Use of Oxy-fuel Combustion in Aluminum Reverberatory Furnaces, Light Metal Age
Download article (879 KB)

Oxy-fuel Technologies and Strategies for Secondary Aluminum Melting Operations, Light Metal Age
Download article (192 KB)

Customized Combustion Solution Yields Productivity Improvement for Aluminum Extruder, Light Metal Age
Download article (522 KB)

Cupola Oxy-fuel System Reduces Emissions While Cutting Fuel and Alloy Costs
Download article (563 KB)



Transient Heating oxy-fuel burner, featuring Process Intelligence
Download PDF (953 KB)

Tunable Enrichment Air-oxy-fuel Burner
Download PDF (369 KB)

Advanced Clean Energy Lab
Download PDF (796 KB)

High-Yield Oxy-fuel Burner
Download PDF (677 KB)

Industrial Gases and Cost-Effective Technologies for the Iron and Steel Industry
Download PDF (8075 KB)


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Fully-instrumented pilot-scale combustion lab

Fully-instrumented pilot-scale combustion lab

Demo oxy-fuel solutions for your unique applications.

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Don't take our word
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