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Hotter and cleaner process for aluminum RSI producer
Producer of aluminum remelt secondary ingot (RSI) gets faster cycle times and fewer emissions with Air Products' custom-fit burner design.

Over fifteen years ago, Greenway Industries recognized a need for a rotary furnace operation in Ontario, Canada and stepped up to fill the void. From the beginning, Greenway has been committed to progressive technology, believing that would translate into better yields and happier customers. To do this, Greenway turned to Air Products for its proprietary oxy-fuel burners. “We have a good working relationship with Air Products, both from a technical and sales standpoint,” states Rob Rakovsky, Vice President at Greenway Industries, continuing “We are now on our third rotary furnace using Air Products’ oxy-fuel technology and currently operate a 27,000 pound furnace and a 36,000 pound furnace boasting an empirical capacity of 10-12 million pounds of metal production per month.”

Greenway Industries makes aluminum remelt secondary ingot (RSI) in a multitude of grades, including at this time, 380, 356, 6061, 6063, 3104, 3105, and 3003. The RSI is cast into 2000 pound sows which are sold to the automotive foundries, die casters, rolling and sheet mills, and billet casters. The scrap material being recycled is processed in two rotary furnaces which have the oxy-fuel burner mounted on the door. Once the door is closed, the furnace becomes a closed vessel where computer monitoring is used to adjust the stoichiometric ratios, controlling the atmosphere in the furnace. This controlled furnace atmosphere produces less oxidation and therefore better yields with fewer emissions according to Greenway’s Rakovsky. “We believe that the oxy-fuel system gives us a faster cycle time than with natural gas (and ambient air) alone,” says Mr. Rakovsky, continuing “and it creates a win/win/win situation for our customers, our business, and the environment.”

As experienced by Greenway, Air Products offers state-of-the-art oxy-fuel burner systems with flame shape, size, luminosity and oxygen retention all designed specifically for rotary furnaces. The company’s proven burner, flue arrangements and door designs are in use at more than 25 rotary furnaces in the United States alone. These burners process a variety of feeds including dross, scrap and contaminated materials. Air Products’ melting experience in single and double pass rotaries and reverb furnaces — coupled with our burner’s flame characteristics — have been proven to deliver higher production rates and improved recoveries than can be obtained using natural gas and ambient air.

Using a dedicated team of specialists, Air Products’ continually develops innovative new offerings to meet its customers’ needs, while being a leader in both delivery reliability and safety. “Our goal is to deliver results,” explains Frank Romano, Lead Engineer at Air Products, continuing, “We put our experience to work for our customers, whether it’s higher production rates, greater yields, improved emissions or troubleshooting a problem. Our dedicated team of aluminum specialists and local account support will work together to meet your needs.”

Greenway Industries’ Rakovsky summarizes the technology this way, “Air Products’ oxy-fuel system burns hotter, burns cleaner and with less emissions,” enabling Greenway to focus on its mission of providing quality products to its customers, while growing its market share.

To learn how Air Products’ state-of-the-art oxy-fuel technology can help you increase your production and lower your costs, contact us.

Note: Since the writing of this article, Greenway has discontinued operations.

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