Want to save money on your hydrogen supply?

Want to save money on your hydrogen supply?

Air Products’ PRISM® Hydrogen Generators Provide a Reliable On-site Supply of Low-cost Hydrogen

Air Products’ PRISM® Hydrogen Generator (PHG) is a scalable system that can be tailored to your process. Its modular, packaged plant design allows for easy field installation and fast start-up. Air Products’ focus on safety is embedded in the product design, and the units have the capability for full local and remote control. We have an experienced technical support team that works with each customer to enhance safety, help increase process efficiency, and optimize gas usage.

Find out whether on-site hydrogen production can save you money!

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How do you help achieve the lowest capital cost?
How does Air Products’ PHG achieve lower costs?
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How does Air Products provide support for the PHG system?
How much space is needed for a PHG?

Air Products developed the on-site gas supply concept for industrial gas production more than 75 years ago. On-site gas generation helps sustainability-minded customers lower their carbon footprint, boost energy efficiency, increase throughput, enhance end product quality, and improve environmental performance. As the world’s leading hydrogen supplier, Air Products has the technologies and experience to improve process efficiency, optimize gas usage, and improve safety.

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Could on-site hydrogen production save you money?Could on-site hydrogen production save you money?

Could on-site hydrogen production save you money? (3:34)

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