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Nitrogen for special cases

Uses of nitrogen and other inert gases can be very versatile, typically benefiting from the gas purity, inertness, thermal properties or pressure. At Air Products, our solutions are developed with our customers in mind. Below are a few examples of our diverse applications experience. Our creative engineers can work with you to share our existing experience or tackle your next challenge.

Precision temperature control of inert environment
By working with our customers, our engineers have found that precise temperature control of nitrogen can have tremendous benefits. Our proprietary systems have been used in a range of applications from food processing to spray coating to polymeric machining of intra-ocular lenses.

Precision concentration control of inert environment
Some applications, such as handling polymerization-inhibited monomeric materials, require consideration of both flammability hazards as well as the specific composition of the inert environment. The inhibitors in these products require some oxygen to be effective but flammability concerns can put a ceiling on the oxygen concentration. Air Products engineers can review your application and recommend a supply mode and solution to mitigate the hazards. Systems such as nitrogen via pressure swing adsorption can be beneficial. 

Download article Producing nitrogen via pressure swing adsorption (394 KB) 

Maintaining product quality in sensitive materials
For materials that are sensitive to air, oxygen or moisture, nitrogen can help to maintain product quality, integrity and life. In the case of edible oils, exposure to oxygen and moisture can cause undesirable degradation and can affect the oil’s color, flavor and aroma. By displacing the oxygen and moisture in storage containers, nitrogen can protect valuable inventory.

Inert atmosphere for packaging
There are several ways to utilize nitrogen for an inert packing environment depending on the process and product in question that range from liquid nitrogen dosing systems to gaseous nitrogen blanketing. Air Products application engineerscan help you to select or design the right system for your process.

Backfill for lyophilization
Nitrogen can be used to backfill lyophilization chambers to replace air for oxygen sensitive materials to maintain product quality.

Combustible dust explosion mitigation
In applications involving powders, dust, or pneumatic conveying, nitrogen can provide an inert atmosphere to mitigate explosion hazards.

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