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Technical corner for inerting, blanketing and purging with nitrogen


Biomass Storage: Fire Suppression Using Nitrogen Inerting
Protection against gas, oxygen and ignition coming together unexpectedly, explosively.
Download PDF (1,236 KB)

The case for nitrogen inerting of flammable and combustible liquids
Protection against gas, oxygen and ignition coming together unexpectedly, explosively.
Download PDF (156 KB)

Prevent combustible dust explosions with N2 inerting
Inerting for combustible dust and the economics of explosion prevention.
Download PDF (420 KB)

Nitrogen: a security blanket for the chemical industry 
Best practices in nitrogen blanketing.
Download PDF (890 KB)

Safe use of nitrogen
Properties, hazards and safe use of nitrogen.
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Producing nitrogen via pressure swing adsorption
A cost-effective method of on-site nitrogen generation for a wide range of purity and flow requirements.
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Mobile apps

Visit our mobile applications page to download these apps and others to your mobile device.

Gas Converter
This app converts weight and volume measures for nitrogen, oxygen, argon, hydrogen, helium, and carbon dioxide as well as liquefied natural gas (LNG).

Pipe Pigout
Our Pipe Pigout app is designed to calculate the nitrogen volume and the time needed to purge or to "pig" a pipeline based on the operating parameters you enter.

Mobile MSDS
Our web-based Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) mobile app allows you to browse our MSDS library or search for the MSDS you need—in the language you select.

Gas Resources

Gas cost estimator 
Online tool for estimating the cost of using nitrogen, oxygen, or argon.

Gas facts 
Charts and tables and interactive conversion formulas related to the chemical and physical properties of our cryogenic liquid and compressed gas products.


Ask the Expert - Inerting 
Hear Air Products Senior Applications Specialist, Joe Tittermary, answer the question "How much nitrogen do I need to keep my flammable liquid tanks safe?" (2:45)


Modeling solutions for inerting applications
Results from case studies detailing Air Products’ computational and modeling capabilities (02:10)


Industrial gas solutions for safe chemical handling
Inerting with nitrogen and inerting for combustible dust hazards (01:43)


Best practices in nitrogen blanketing
Explanation of several methods used for tank blanketing and best practices (05:05) 



Fire suppression solutions and best practices
Storage and handling of biomass fuels, such as wood pellets and coal, can present a significant fire risk if it is not managed properly.
Download PDF (588 KB)

Nitrogen inerting to prevent combustible dust explosions
Learn how using inert gas systems for combustible dust handling can prevent an explosion before it starts.
Download PDF (318 KB)

Nitrogen supply systems
Air Products offers a range of nitrogen supply modes and can recommend the optimal system based on your volume, pressure, purity level, flow rate and operating pattern.
Download PDF (85 KB)

Pipeline gas supply
Air Products’ pipeline supply network.
Download PDF (103 KB)


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Gas Cost Estimator

Online tool for estimating the cost of using nitrogen, oxygen, or argon.

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gas converter

Introducing Gas Converter mobile app

Converts weight/volume measures for gases and LNG


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