Commercialized Space Launches

Industrial gas solutions to help you save money, improve product quality, and increase production.

With the commercialization of the space launch industry, opportunities to advance in space technology have grown exponentially. With this expanding market comes an increased need for industrial gas to reliably and safely propel rockets and space craft, treat metal and composite components for their extreme environment, and ensure safe, reliable operation and storage of cargo and crew. Having served the space industry since its inception, Air Products has the practical experience and technical expertise to help you venture into the unknown. To better understand how we’ve helped customers and how we can help you, check out our online tools, related gases and “Ask the Expert” material.

Offering total capabilities from a single source.

Common gas applications for Space

 Common gas applications for Space

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Industrial Gas Solutions for the Aerospace Industry 
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Helium brochure 
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Gases, Technologies, and Services that Meet Your Needs
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Ask the experts

Ask The Expert

How can I optimize my helium usage?

Gas converter

Gas Converter mobile app developed by Air Products

Converts weight/volume measures for gases and LNG


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