A Prescription for Aging Regenerators

Cleanfire® ThruPorte™  Burner . . .
a prescription for aging regenerators

Cleanfire® ThruPorte™ Burner, Air Products’ latest development for the glass industry, enables installation of oxy-fuel combustion technology on the fly through existing air-fuel regenerative furnace ports. This water-cooled, oxygen-staged oxy-fuel burner is ideal for restoring full production on furnaces crippled by failing regenerators, and is most often used either temporarily during regenerator repairs, or to extend furnace life near the end of a campaign. 

Also, with our optional state-of-the-art on-burner diagnostic sensors and wireless communications technology, your key operating personnel can have instantaneous access to up-to-date burner operating parameters in your control room or remote computers and smart devices. 

Talk to Air Products  to understand if the Cleanfire ThruPorte burner is a good fit for your needs or to request a demonstration in our pilot-scale Advanced Clean Energy lab. To make glass better, put Air Products in the mix!

Articles and Technical Papers

Maintaining Full Production in Furnaces with Failing Regenerators Using Oxy-fuel Combustion
Download PDF (1.7 MB)
Oxy-fuel technology offers rapid solution to fouled regenerators
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Cleanfire® ThruPorte™ Burner: A Solution for Aging Regenerators in the Glass Industry (447 KB)
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Cleanfire® ThruPorte™ Burner: A Solution for Aging Regenerators
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To make glass better, put us in the mix.

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Cleanfire<sup>®</sup> ThruPort<sub><i>e</i></sub>™ <nobr>Oxy-fuel Burner</nobr>

Cleanfire® ThruPorteOxy-fuel Burner (2:53)

Air Products' latest burner offers glass manufacturers a rapid solution for restoring aging furnaces to full production.


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