Why Use LIN

Why use liquid nitrogen?
Because it's cold!

Food grade liquid nitrogen is 320°F below zero! That’s really cold! This property allows liquid nitrogen to freeze or cool food very, very quickly. Quick freezing or cooling means that the food does not need to spend much time in the freezer/cooler and this can greatly improve you food process.

Learn more from our three-part presentation on the basics of freezing and chilling with food grade liquid nitrogen.

time and temperatureTime and Temperature
Learn about the relationship between time and temperature when cooling or freezing foods as an introduction to the benefits of using liquid nitrogen. 
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quality benefitsQuality Benefits
Learn about the quality benefits to using liquid nitrogen for cooling or freezing foods. 
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operations benefitsOperations Benefits
Learn about the operational benefits to using liquid nitrogen cooling or freezing equipment in your facility. 
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Read more about the benefits of nitrogen for food processing.

The Benefits of Nitrogen for Food Processing

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Why freeze with nitrogen?Why Freeze with Nitrogen?

Why Freeze with Nitrogen? (3:25)

The benefits of using nitrogen in a variety of food freezing applications.


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