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Improve Your Waterborne Wood Coating Quality with Ease

High performance surfactants designed to deliver double advantages… Improving product performance and enabling compliance with environmental regulations

With low VOC and low odor environmental characteristics, waterborne technology has been rapidly popularized in the flat furniture and furniture assembly markets. However, due to the limitation of coating film appearance and application caused by the waterborne resins, only high quality wetting agents and defoamers can effectively solve pore sealing, substrate wetting, film coating and other production problems. The coating film appearance and fullness can also be improved by reducing pinholes, collapse, edge retraction and other defects, therefore increasing the product pass rate.

Air Products’ surfactants are high-performance multi-functional surfactants based on Gemini technology. These Gemini-type products can provide fast and efficient wetting as well as unique foam control properties, all of which can greatly improve the performance and quality of waterborne wood coatings.

Common Problems and solutions for waterborne wood coatings
Waterborne Wood Coating Solutions
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To Improve Your Waterborne Wood Coating with Ease
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Surfynol MD20
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Surfynol AD01 Defoamers (available soon)
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Airase 5600 Defoamer
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Airase 8070 Defoamer
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Dynol 960 Superwetting Agents
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Dynol 980 Superwetting Agents
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Dynol 800 Wetting Agents
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Dynol 810 Wetting Agents
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Dynol 960 and Dynol 980 Superwetting Surfactants Demo
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