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Typical Bulk Gas Storage Systems

Bulk quantities of high-pressure gases and gas mixtures are shipped in tube trailers and stored on your site. The storage systems typically consist of a number of high-pressure steel pressure vessels that are manifolded together. The systems are modular in design and are sized for your use rate. The systems can handle argon, carbon monoxide, compressed air, helium, hydrogen, nitrogen, and oxygen. 

 Typical Bulk Gas Storage Supply System

A typical bulk gas storage system.

Individual pressure vessels measure approximately 22 1/2 feet in length and have a diameter of 24 inches. A permanent manifold connects the vessels selected for the site. The gas discharges to your houseline through a pressure-reducing station that automatically controls the pressure. An independent stanchion is provided for filling the vessels from the high-pressure tube trailer. The vessels are filled by the pressure transfill equalization method.

Pressure Vessels
Vessels meet the requirements of the ASME UPV Code, Section VIII and Appendix 22. They have a maximum allowable working pressure of 2,450 psig. Each vessel is equipped with an angle-type shutoff valve and a safety burst disc assembly that will rupture at approximately 3,100 psig. The pressure vessel module is a horizontal row of three vessels mounted between two I-beam frames that provide all necessary support and stabilization. Modular assemblies can be built up to meet almost any range of gas storage requirements.

Pressure Reducing Station
The pressure reducing station is mounted in a weatherproof cabinet, which protects the dual-pressure reducing regulators, gauges, optional low-pressure alarm switches, equalizing valves, and safety-relief valves.

Tube Trailer Discharging Stanchion
The L-shaped tube trailer discharging stanchion, fabricated from an aluminum I-beam, supports the flexible pigtail, valves, and piping necessary to discharge product from the tube trailers into the high-pressure storage vessels. This filling apparatus is separated from the control cabinet for safety and convenience.

*Note that the gas storage system used in your region may be different; please check with your local office.

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