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Microbulk CryoEase applications for double glazingArgon for Double Glazing

Using argon gas between the panes in sealed double glazing units significantly increases the thermal properties of the unit over just using dry air. Argon is an inert gas so it is nonreactive, colorless and non flammable. Moreover using liquid argon from microbulk tanks could prove extremely cost efficient.

Low-E Coating and Argon

Low-E, which stands for low emissivity, is a coating that is added to the inner pane of a double glazing unit and helps to reflect long wavelength heat back into the room. In fact the heat retention from low-E glass is so effective, that it typically matches the energy conservation properties of standard triple glazing without the 50% weight increase. By filling the low-E units with argon gas your customers will benefit in two ways, firstly from the heat reflective properties of the low emissivity coating; and secondly from the reduction in convective and conductive heat loss thanks to the low conductivity performance of the argon gas.

U Value and argon

Heat loss rates are expressed in terms of U value in the UK. The lower the figure; the better the thermal insulating properties will be.

A typical U value for sealed double glazing units might be as follows:

  • Ordinary double glazing U value 2.6
  • Low-E ordinary double glazing U value 1.8
  • Low-E and argon U value 1.6

For more information about argon microbulk solutions for the double glazing industry in your region, check with your local representative.

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