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Whether you’re separating air for a high purity nitrogen stream, or converting biogas into usable methane, Air Products PRISM membranes team can work with you to determine if an existing commercial membrane can satisfy your application or if a custom design can be provided.

Benefits of PRISM Membranes

• Field-proven in a wide variety of applications
• Significant savings available vs. other technologies
• Easily expandable systems
• Lightweight and compact
• Minimal maintenance on membranes and systems
• No moving parts
• Convenient for remote locations
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Nitrogen Membrane Separators

Air Products PRISM membrane separators use selective permeation to separate nitrogen molecules from air. The resulting stream of nitrogen is dry and ready for use in industrial applications.

Nitrogen Membrane Separator Website 

Data Sheet

Air Dryer Membrane Separators

Air dryer membrane separators remove water vapor from gas streams. There are three dehydration product lines and over ten sizes to choose from. 

Air Dehydration Website 

Data Sheet
Data Sheet

Biogas Upgrading

Air Products PRISM PB membranes are used to separate valuable methane from the carbon dioxide and other elements in a biogas mixture. The resulting stream of methane can be injected into the gridline or used for CNG vehicle fuel.  

Biogas Upgrading Website 

Data Sheet
Data Sheet
Data Sheet
Data Sheet

Hydrogen Membranes

PRISM membrane separators recover high purity hydrogen from gas streams in ammonia plants, oil refineries, and petrochemical plants.

Air Products Engineered Membrane Systems

Oxygen Enriched Air (OEA or NITROX)

PRISM membrane separators use selective permeation to separate oxygen molecules from compressed air. The resulting low pressure stream of oxygen enriched air contains oxygen levels of approximately 25%-50%. Common OEA applications include underwater diving and high altitude enrichment as well as other industrial uses.

 Data Sheet


PRISM Membrane separators are used to inert airplane fuel tanks as part of the onboard inert gas generating systems (OBIGGS).

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