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Air Separation Unit, La Porte, Texas (2:44)

Designing and Building Large ASU Plants for a Long Life and High Reliability (4:35)

Focus on safety and the environment (5:28)

Unique Large ASU Technology for Optimum Plant Performance (6:25)

Worldwide Large ASU Capabilities and Experience (9:35)

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Articles & Publications (9)

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Air Separation Technology—Structured Packing

Download (284 K)

Capabilities and Experience in China

Download (240 K)

Coal-to-Liquid Capabilities

Download (227 K)

Corporate Overview

Download (220 K)

Customer Plant Support—ASU Services Group

Download (243 K)

Large Air Separation Experience

Download (232 K)

Large Air Separation Unit Sales Folder

Download (414 K)

Partner Reference List

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Whitepapers (7)

Air Separation Technology

Download (672 K)

A Review of Air Separation Technologies and Their Integration with Energy Conversion Processes

Download (439 K)

Air Separation Unit (ASU) Reboiler/Condenser Safety

Download (422 K)

Flowsheet Optimization for Multi-Product Air Separation Units

Download (145 K)

Industrial-Scale Up of Structured Packing for Cryogenic Distillation

Download (159 K)

Managing Trace Contaminants in Cryogenic Air Separation

Download (177 K)

Safe Design and Operation of a Cryogenic Air Separation Unit

Download (90 K)
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