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Gases are an essential part of any laser system, whether it is for cutting or welding, CO2 or YAG, a reliable, high purity gas supply is the key to getting maximum performance from your investment in laser technology.

A full range of resonator, assist and shielding gases is available in in a variety of cylinder, cylinder pack and cryogenic liquid vessel sizes to meet all your supply needs.

High purity resonator gases for CO2 lasers

Air Products’ high purity resonator gases, high quality gas control equipment and special resonator gas installations ensure consistent power delivery and extended resonator life.

Assist gases for cutting

Cost effective, consistent and un-interrupted high volume gas supply is key to making sure that laser cutting systems achieve maximum up-time and productivity. We focus on this key requirement with special high volume/high pressure installations, the industries largest cylinder packs and innovative high pressure cryogenic liquid delivery systems.

World’s largest supplier of helium for welding

High purity shielding gases protect laser welds form atmospheric contamination and assist in achieving high weld speeds. Air Products is the world’s largest supplier of helium – a key gas for this application.

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