Because ozone is a health hazard which cannot always be removed by fume extraction equipment, Air Products has concentrated on developing gases that give low ozone exposure levels.

The result – a gas that provides a better working environment as well as improved productivity and fewer rejects.

All of the ozone measurements are simulated “real” exposure measurements and were carried by leading independent laboratories.


All of the ozone measurements were carried out by independent accredited laboratories. All tests were made under controlled “real” working conditions in accordance with EN/ISO 10882-2.

Ozone exposure is the key measure as it simulates the amount of ozone that a welder will be exposed to during his normal working day. It is measured behind the welding helmet during welding and is also taken at a fixed point located 250mm horizontally and 250mm vertically from the arc.

Ozone levels are measured using a chemiluminescence analyser.

All of the reported work was carried out at TWI, Cambridge, UK (

The occupational exposure limit for ozone is low and varies by country. The limit of exposure in the UK is 0.2ppm ozone for a 15min reference period.


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