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Which Maxx gas?
Cylinder Packs
Gas on tap
Maximise your productivity with Air Products new range of shielding gases

Whatever you are welding, Air Products’ innovative new Maxx shielding gas range will give you superior results.
Formulated to boost output through a unique combination of weldability, weld quality and higher welding speeds, you will achieve more with fewer rejects.

Productivity without compromise


This new range of gases is also designed to protect people at work, by generating the lowest levels of ozone and fume.

Ask the customer


Extensively tested by Air Products’ own specialists, by its customers and by independent accredited laboratories, including TWI (formerly the Welding Institute, UK), this new range has proven performance.

Gases supplied to suit your needs

Air Products offers the full range of welding gas supply options: single cylinders, high volume cylinder packs, and bulk liquefied gas.
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