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Freeze your way to higher throughput, better taste, and more with Freshline® liquid nitrogen freezing systems from Air Products. 

Explore the advantages of food grade liquid nitrogen freezing and chilling. 

Food grade liquid nitrogen freezing has many advantages over mechanical freezing and chilling processes. It’s faster. More flexible. Takes up less space. And helps food products maintain moisture (preventing weight loss from dehydration), quality, texture, color and flavor. In addition, Air Products’ Freshline systems can help improve your productivity, lower your costs and maximize your returns. All of which can help make you more competitive in a very competitive market.

Fresh Ideas lightbulbExplore this site for all the ways liquid nitrogen—and the liquid nitrogen experts at Air Products—can improve your operation and the quality of your products. If you’re new to liquid nitrogen, be sure to check the links marked with the “fresh ideas” light bulb. 

This interactive tool demonstrates the benefits of liquid nitrogen freezing or cooling of your products. Input your information and see a customized comparison of liquid nitrogen and mechanical freezing.

Click here to use the Freeze Time Comparison Calculator tool.

Note: The Freeze Time Comparison Calculator is intended only for the purpose of illustrating potential benefits of liquid nitrogen freezing systems compared to mechanical systems. Results should not be relied upon because they are based on a set of assumptions that will vary depending on actual operating parameters and conditions. Contact Air Products to work with one of our food specialists to develop a tailored solution to your business needs.


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Meat mixing and grinding just got easier with Air Products' Freshline® LIN-IS liquid nitrogen injection cooling system.

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New Freshline® IQ Freezer

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