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To Verify an Order is Legitimate

Note To Suppliers:

We are aware of the increased incidents of fraudulent orders being placed for goods and services across the country by parties illegally using the names of large, reputable companies. Air Products offers the following guidance to assist suppliers in verifying the authenticity of electronic orders that appear to be requested by Air Products:

  • Most of Air Products purchases for electronics and associated equipment are typically made with large global suppliers who have previous purchase agreements in place with Air Products.
  • If your company received an order from a party claiming to represent Air Products, and you do not have a previous purchase agreement in place, further investigation should be considered as this is not our typical supply chain practice.
  • Information to verify in any communication or order includes:
    • Air Products contact
    • Shipping address
    • Phone number
    • Fax number
    • E-mail contact information
    • Website information
      (Air Products website address is –
    • Method of payment, (purchase order, credit card, etc.) 
    • Material ordered date and any special references or identification numbers along with special instructions.

Confirming An Order:

If you would like to confirm an Air Products order, please provide the following information which will be reviewed promptly by Air Products’ procurement organization.

Click here to fill out the form.

You may also contact Air Products’ Procurement area directly at:

Fraudulent Order:

Please note, if you suspect or believe you are the victim of a fraudulent order, please contact Air Products’ Security Operations Center as soon as possible at: (inside U.S.) 1-800-523-9374; (outside U.S.) 610-481-7955.

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