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– Vince Lombardi

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Metals and Money

To assist you in accurately forecasting and planning, Air Products' economists have compiled the following graphs on indices important to your industry. We'll update these three-year trends for utility and metals pricing and industrial production in the next quarterly issue of this newsletter.

Industrial Production Indexes Industrial Production Indexes
Source: US Federal Reserve Bank Board of Governors
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Utility Pricing Metrics Utility Pricing Metrics
Source: Inside F.E.R.C., Bureau of Labor Statistics
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Steel Prices Steel Prices
Source: Market Pricing
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Key Metals Prices Key Metals Prices
Source: London Metals Exchange
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No Longer Up, Up and Away . . .

Heat Treaters are utilizing Air Products' knowledge in the use and recycling of helium as a gas quenchant to realize significant economical and environmental benefits.

The use of helium as an environmentally friendly gas quenching medium produces cleaner parts while eliminating the need for part washing and quenching liquid disposal. Further, it provides more uniform cooling and less part distortion, thereby reducing the need for post quenching machining. However, as a nonrenewable natural resource, the economics of installing a helium recycle system become increasingly attractive.

Helium recovery and recycling provides numerous benefits for heat treaters. While many factors must be taken into account in deciding the most effective helium recycle solution for a given situation, the economics of recycling improve with increased usage volume. Heat treaters utilizing a helium recycle unit can lower their costs, protect an important resource, and also open the door to other applications and opportunities. To learn more about recycling helium, check out the full article or contact us to speak to a specialist.

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The Global Helium Outlook

Increasing demand and only a finite supply.

This feature story looks at the global outlook for helium from the sources of supply and primary uses to the anticipated demand. It details how Air Products is capitalizing on its position as the global leader in helium production to develop not only new supply sources, but also technologies for the capture and recycling of this valuable resource.

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What's New

Thermal Spray Cooling Demonstrations and

Would you like to see firsthand how the new Air Products thermal spray cooling technology can maintain desired part temperature, within a +/–20°F range, using cryogenic nitrogen vapor (–320°F) during your thermal spray coating application process? Now you can! If you're interested, you can see demonstrations of the Air Products cooling system at Progressive Technology Inc.'s (PTI) facility, as well as test the effectiveness of the system on your own specific parts at a low cost and without interruption to your business.

"Customers come to us for their challenging thermal spray projects," said Jim Whalen, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at PTI. "Because so much heat energy is generated in the thermal spray process, overheated parts are a real issue to many of our customers. Unfortunately, current cooling methods—like high-pressure air—cannot keep up, especially in some of the newer gun designs where more powder can be applied in a shorter amount of time. With Air Products' new cooling system, we see the potential to solve our customers' cooling problems and look forward to doing more of this type of collaboration with Air Products."

> If you'd like to see the technology in action, watch our brief video
at www.airproducts.com/spraying.

> For more information visit www.airproducts.com/spray7.

> To schedule a demonstration, call 800-654-4567, code 607,
or contact us online.


Ask the Expert

Chris Ward

Chris Ward
Engineering Associate

Q: Can I remotely monitor what's happening in my furnaces and other process equipment while I'm away from my plant?

A: Of course . . . a variety of communication methods are available for you to easily interact with your process and proactively address emerging issues. Air Products' team of remote process monitoring and control specialists is here to help you get started.

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Meet This Quarter's Metal Head

Don Bowe

There is an old saying about "a farmer being out standing in his field." And this play on words holds true for both meanings for Don Bowe, a Senior Industry Engineer at Air Products serving the metals processing industry. With nearly 25 years of experience at Air Products, Don's extensive industry knowledge and experience is truly outstanding, enabling him to bring the full breadth of Air Products' capabilities to address customers' challenges. "I've always enjoyed working with a customer, understanding their challenge and then finding a way to resolve it," states Don. It was the practicality of metals and his interest in seeing how things fit together that encouraged Don to get a degree in metallurgical engineering as well as a graduate degree in business. In addition to his almost quarter-century with the company, Don spent the first three years of his career in the steel industry.

When not at work, Don can be found out standing in another field—his garden. An avid gardener, Don is looking forward to putting his efforts into getting his vegetable and flower gardens ready for another bountiful summer. Don is based out of the company's headquarters and lives with his family in the rolling countryside of the nearby village of Zionsville.


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You can request more information or any of the documents referenced in this issue by calling us at 800-654-4567, code 607, or by contacting us online.


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