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“The nice thing about teamwork is that you always have others on your side.”
— Margaret Carty  

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Metals and Money

For accurate forecasting and planning, it helps to understand the movement of key industry indices. The graphs below were compiled by Air Products economists to illustrate three-year trends for utility and metals pricing as well as industrial production. We'll continue to keep you updated once a quarter.

Industrial Production Indexes Industrial Production Indexes
Source: US Federal Reserve Bank Board of Governors
Click here to view the graph.

Utility Pricing Metrics Utility Pricing Metrics
Source: Inside F.E.R.C., Bureau of Labor Statistics
Click here to view the graph.

Steel Prices Steel Prices
Source: Market Pricing
Click here to view the graph.

Key Metals Prices Key Metals Prices
Source: London Metals Exchange
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Heading: How to improve quality and efficiency when refining copper

Air Products' expertise can help you improve upon the traditional process of "fire-refining" of scrap-derived copper melts in what would traditionally be large reverberatory furnaces. The technology, which takes copper scrap and melts it into refined copper, can save time and money while producing a superior-quality product.

To find out how, read more about this technology.


Good carbz

When building its new facility, MMS Thermal Processing wanted to offer customers solutions to manufacturing problems resulting from conventional heat treating methods. To do this, MMS turned to Surface Combustion, Inc. and Air Products to design, build and deliver an innovative heat treating and atmosphere system that would be truly state-of-the-art.

Together, they recommended a novel vacuum carburizing technology and atmosphere system, which includes the use of cyclohexane as the carbon source.

Surface Combustion's new multichamber vacuum carburizing system uses stable, cost-effective and readily available cyclohexane as the amazingly clean and efficient carburizer. When paired with Air Products' custom nitrogen delivery system, which is capable of delivering gas at several different pressure levels, the result is superior heat treated parts for MMS' customers. MMS also intends to partner with its customers to help reduce the overall manufacturing costs of their products.

Learn more about these "good carbz" by reading the full story.


Air Products can help keep you and your coworkers safe

Industrial gases are widely used in the metals industry. Considering the high pressures and temperatures used during heating and processing, safety is crucial. So it's imperative that companies educate their employees on proper procedures and protocols when managing gases in industrial applications.

Air Products is committed to your safety. We can assist managers in educating their employees on proper actions and safeguards through educational materials such as websites, brochures, videos and on-site training classes at your facility. In addition, Material Safety Data Sheets are available for download at

Visit Sustainability or call 800-654-4567, code 477 for more information.


Take cutting-edge machining technology for a test drive>

If you work with hard-to-machine materials and have wondered if using a Hardinge Super-Precision® QUEST® Lathe with Air Products' ICEFLY® machining technology can increase productivity and extend tooling life, here's an ideal chance to find out.

Air Products has installed a QUEST Lathe with ICEFLY technology at our headquarters, and we're offering to machine-test parts for prospective customers.

ICEFLY machining technology's ability to offset the extreme temperatures normally generated during the cutting of hard-to-machine materials allows manufacturers to effectively hard-turn parts that they might have needed to grind in the past. ICEFLY machining technology allows for precise cutting at rates of up to 200 percent faster, and it can increase tool life by up to 250 percent.

Schedule a test of your products at our lab by calling us at 800-654-4567, code 477.


Ask the Expert

Greg Ambrogi

Greg Ambrogi
Principal Applications Specialist

Q: How can I reduce my gas consumption for molten metal blanketing?

A: By reducing the oxygen content above the induction furnace, inert gases—typically argon—have proven benefits for blanketing molten metal, including higher yields, lower alloy fading, decreased nonmetallic inclusions, reduced casting porosity, lower casting rework and rejects, and increased refractory lifetime. However, inert gas costs can impact your bottom line.

Air Products' patented swirl cone technology delivers all the benefits while using up to 50% less argon. To learn more on how this technology can improve your operation, read Greg's full answer. Visit or call 800-654-4567, code 477.

Past "Ask the Expert" questions, answers and videos can be viewed online. Visit

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Meet This Quarter's Metal Head
Eric Will

Eric Will Eric Will, Applications Engineer with Air Products' Metals Processing Group, has always been fascinated with mechanical things—especially those with four wheels and a Porsche emblem on the hood. "I've had an interest in cars since day one, which came from my father and his brothers," he says. "Now I'm a mechanical engineer—and I know my interest in cars got me into the field."

Eric says his engineering background allows him to help customers with their processing down the manufacturing line as things are built into bigger and bigger parts. "I'm enamored with the design of what's being produced in addition to what it's made out of and how it's processed," says the 13-year metals industry veteran.

That includes work in the aerospace, structural metals and medical industries, among others. "Any process that requires metal and high strength—I've been there," he says. "Seeing new technology implemented at a customer location is especially enjoyable. Helping them come up to speed and seeing them transform—that's what makes my job exciting on a day-to-day basis."


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You can request more information or any of the documents referenced in this issue by calling us at 800-654-4567, code 477, or by sending an email to


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