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Metals and Money

Air Products' economists have compiled the graphs below to help you accurately forecast and plan based on indices important to your industry. We'll continue to update you once a quarter on the three-year trends for utility and metals pricing as well as industrial production.

Industrial Production Indexes Industrial Production Indexes
Source: US Federal Reserve Bank Board of Governors
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Utility Pricing Metrics Utility Pricing Metrics
Source: Inside F.E.R.C., Bureau of Labor Statistics
Click here to view the graph.

Steel Prices Steel Prices
Source: Market Pricing
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Key Metals Prices Key Metals Prices
Source: London Metals Exchange
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MetalTech: Improved Performance with Liquid Nitrogen

Today, the use of liquid nitrogen in the treatment of metals is a common and widespread practice in manufacturing. Many types of metal parts have been treated with liquid nitrogen to improve their performance. Metal parts are exposed to liquid nitrogen to produce microscopic changes. The first type of application uses liquid nitrogen to cool the part to –120°F, transforming the metal to achieve a higher degree of performance. The second application chills the metal part to below –300°F for several hours. This deep chill achieves finer carbide precipitation and imparts residual stresses that enable the part to last longer in high wear applications.

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Turnkey Results

Anticipating increased demand for its innovative products, GKN Aerospace (Chem-tronics) wanted to add a fourth plasma spray booth to its operation in the greater San Diego area. A vertically integrated manufacturing company, GKN Aerospace specializes in the fabrication of lightweight, chemically milled titanium and aluminum alloy parts for the aerospace industry.

Timing and experience were critical, so GKN Aerospace turned to Air Products to meet its needs. Although not the supplier of industrial gases at the facility, Air Products' extensive knowledge of thermal spray applications, industrial gases, and delivery systems as well as its exceptional dedication to safety and track record of serving the aerospace industry were all beneficial to GKN Aerospace achieving its goals. We provided GKN Aerospace with a turnkey installation of the gas delivery system for the new spray booth, a safety review for the full thermal spray operation, and process and instrumentation diagrams (P&IDs) for GKN Aerospace's entire facility. Plus we suggested specifications for converting the argon gas delivery system piping to stainless steel.

"Air Products' role expanded because of our ability to quickly provide comprehensive advice to meet GKN Aerospace's needs," explains Rob Hostinak, Air Products' Applications Engineer. To learn more about how Air Products' experts can help your facility with extensive or supplemental engineering support call us at 800-654-4567, code 578.


Hydrogen: Simple Element, Innovative Solutions

Hydrogen is an incredibly useful process gas and fuel. As a fuel, it powers the space shuttle into orbit, while as a process gas, furnace operators have long relied on hydrogen's reducing properties to ensure bright and shiny stainless steel.

The future is also bright for hydrogen. Abundant, efficient, renewable and producing zero emissions, hydrogen is one of the materials now being considered as a viable alternative fuel for the future. In addition, because hydrogen has one of the highest cooling rates of all gases, researchers are exploring ways to use hydrogen to cool materials at speeds once thought impossible. While challenges remain, the tremendous potential of this fuel and process gas is expanding its use and driving its acceptance.

Hydrogen plays an important role in many industrial processes, finding daily use either as a gas or liquid in numerous industries. In the metals industry, hydrogen is primarily used for annealing, brazing, quenching, sintering and thermal spray applications.

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What's New

10-4 Good Buddy

Each year, Air Products' industrial gas trucks travel millions of miles worldwide delivering products. Now they can be also found on the shelves of toy departments at local retail stores around the world. In a mutual marketing opportunity with Mattel®, Air Products' logo and brand are being used on the toy company's Matchbox® basic and Convoy® size trucks.

Air Products tanker truck If you'd like to win a collectible Air Products tanker truck, enter our random drawing for a chance to win one of 50 trucks. Of course, no purchase is necessary—just complete and submit the form by April 4th. Please note that these trucks are not part of Mattel's recent product recalls.


Ask the Expert

Steve Ruoff

Steve Ruoff
Metals Processing Segment Manager

Q: When does on-site nitrogen generation make sense versus liquid nitrogen delivery?

A: At one time or another, many people may wonder whether on-site nitrogen generation would work in their operation. Numerous factors affect amenability, but the two most important aspects are nitrogen flow and purity.

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Meet This Quarter's Metal Head Wayne Chen

Wayne Chen

Metalworking has been an honored craft in Asia for thousands of years. And while some may find such a traditional market dull, Wayne Chen isn't among them. "I have been interested in the material processing field for many years. Even though it is a very traditional application, I find that you always learn new ideas by visiting different people and factories," he states. In particular, Wayne likes sharing knowledge, commenting, "Sharing my experience in order to assist others is one of the most rewarding parts of my job."

This sharing of knowledge comes easily to Wayne. Prior to joining Air Products more than two years ago, Wayne worked in the metals processing field as a quality control department head for over seven years and as a lecturer for heat treating, quality control, and nondestructive evaluation courses.

At Air Products, Wayne is the company's Metals Processing Applications Manager for Asia, spending the majority of his time in Taiwan, China, Korea, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia. With a master's degree in mechanical engineering from the University of California at Irvine, Wayne enjoys working with a broad range of industries, primarily automotive, aerospace and metalworking. This diversity of both industries and process applications, including heat treating, brazing, welding and sintering, makes every application a unique opportunity. This gives Wayne the chance to do what he likes best—share his knowledge and experience.


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