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How can I control foam in my adhesive applications without getting craters?

Jim Reader
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Foam and craters are often two sides of the same coin, as craters are often created by the defoamers used to control the foam. Most defoamers contain insoluble and incompatible carrier fluids in order to break the foam lamellae, but these materials are also low surface energy materials that can cause localized de-wetting in the drying film. This is especially problematic on substrates like plastic, foils and silicone release liners.

However, no two problems or formulations are the same, so Air Products offers a range of defoamers to help formulators find an optimum defoamer for their adhesive. This range includes conventional oil-based defoamers, such as Airase® 4500 defoamer, that provide strong defoaming performance, as well as novel molecular defoamers, like Surfynol MD-20 and Surfynol® AD01 defoamers, that can reduce microfoam and haze without causing surface defects.

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