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Videos/Narrated Presentations (3)

Cleanfire® HRx™ Oxy-fuel Burner (4:35)

Cleanfire® ThruPort-e™ Burner: a prescription for aging regenerators (2:53)

Air Products Oxy-Fuel Technology for Art Glass at Ajeto (2:35)

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Articles & Publications (16)

Optimization of energy efficiency, glass quality and NOx emissions in oxy-fuel glass furnaces through advanced oxygen staging

Download (843 KB)

Oxygen-staged combustion in oxy-fuel fired melting furnaces. Glass Worldwide

Download (994 KB)

Oxy-fuel technology offers rapid solution to fouled regenerators. Glass Worldwide.

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Oxy-fuel glass melting trends in Asia - Air Products burner has the potential to reduce downtime, increase efficiency and improve operations. Glass Worldwide

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Air Products burner has the potential to reduce downtime, increase efficiency and improve operations. Glass Worldwide

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Top quality artisan glass from Glassworks Ajeto using the latest glass melting technology

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Case Study – Air Products’ Oxy-fuel Integrated Solution Addresses New Environmental Regulations in Glass Manufacturing

Download (3,881 KB)

Cleanfire® HRe™ Burner, 1st smart burner in glass industry

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Cleanfire® ThruPort-e ™ Burner

Download (448 KB)

Case Study – Korean Container Glass Manufacturer Cuts Emissions and Reaps Production Benefits with Air Products' Oxy-fuel Integrated Solution

Download (1,781 KB)

Case study- Pilkington and Air Products: A new approach to nitrogen

Download (261 KB)

Case Study- Pilkington and Air Products: New Horizons in Russia

Download (821 KB)

Case Study - Techneglas and Air Products: Perfecting the Art of the Unseen

Download (181 KB)

Datasheet - Proven Modeling Consulting Services for the Glass Industry

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Technical Article: Delivering value for glass manufactures

Download (1,692 KB)

Technical article: Recognising and addressing the hazards of oxygen enrichment

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Why Use Oxygen-staged Combustion in Glass Melting Furnaces?

Oxygen-staging has evolved into a powerful tool for further reducing NOx emissions and increasing melting efficiency and product quality.

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