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I’m having trouble stabilizing a low-cost pigment source. What can make this easier?

Mike Peck Mike Peck
Senior Research Chemist

Qualifying alternative raw materials is a necessity these days, but often what is promoted as an offset fails to be a true "drop-in." With pigments in particular, alternatives may meet specifications while creating stability problems in a colorant or ink. The right technical solution can help reduce these headaches and minimize the work needed to utilizea new pigment source.

ZetaSperse® 3600 pigment dispersing additive is a new addition to Air Products’ offering in dispersants and has shown excellent benefit for doing just that—stabilizing widely varied pigment surface chemistries. Based on low- and mid-MW stabilizing polymers and strong pigment wetting agents, this robust combination provides a ready dispersant solution to many common pigment chemistries, regardless of source or variation in surface treatments. ZetaSperse 3600 additive (52% in water) is best used as the primary stabilizer but can be used as a co-dispersant in resinated systems.

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