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Excessive foam in my waterborne graphic arts application is negatively impacting my formulation. What do you recommend?

Jeanine Snyder
Senior Development

Many surfactants typically used for wetting in water-based formulations tend to promote and stabilize foam. In addition, during application, air may become entrained in the formulation and impede grind efficiency, make packing to net weight difficult, cause surface defects and potentially detract from the performance of the finished product. Air Products offers a diverse range of defoamers to meet your formulating needs. Our molecular defoamers, Surfynol® DF-110D, DF-110L, and MD-20and Surfynol® AD01 defoamers, offer defect-free foam control in fountain solutions and printing ink applications. For effective knockdown foam control with excellent sustainability, we offer our organic-based defoamers such as Surfynol DF70 and Surfynol DF75. In the toughest situations, where foam control is critical without causing surface defects, we offer Surfynol DF-66 defoamer and Surfynol DF-695 defoamer, our silicone-based defoamers specifically designed for aqueous ink systems. No matter what your formulating needs, Air Products offers you innovative and flexible sol-utions to the challenges you face.
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