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How can I get more color out of my pigment?

Mike Peck Mike Peck
Senior Research Chemist

Pigments can be one of the most expensive components of your waterborne ink formulation. Air Products understands your need to increase your color development and pigment loading, and we have developed a broad line of pigment wetting agents, grind aids and dispersants suitable for a wide range of organic and inorganic pigments to address this challenge. Our proprietary ZetaSperse® and Surfynol® CT-Series additives provide optimal wetting and dispersancy, resulting in a reduced mill-base processing time. These additives are highly efficient when compared to competitive additives, enabling formulators to either use less dispersant or less pigment to achieve formulation cost savings. These additives also enable the stabilization of a high concentration of pigment in water at a low viscosity to achieve a higher throughput and/or a product with a higher pigment loading. The unique properties of our ZetaSperse and Surfynol CT-Series products translate into benefits for the formulator.
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