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How can I overcome print defects in my low-VOC, water-based ink formulation for non-porous substrates?

Jeanine Snyder
Senior Development

Typically, water-based inks contain 5-10% isopropyl alcohol or other short chain alcohols to reduce ink surface tension and improve wetting over low-energy substrates. However, in order to formulate a low-VOC ink, these high-VOC alcohols must be removed, resulting in the need for a wetting agent. Air Products offers several low-VOC surfactants that facilitate the wetting of non-porous substrates, including Surfynol® 2502, Surfynol® 440 and Dynol™ 604 surfactants, which can easily be incorporated into your water-based ink. All offer low equilibrium and dynamic surface tensions at low use levels, making them excellent choices for use in low-VOC, water-based inks where their exceptional substrate wetting can eliminate print defects on non-porous substrates.
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