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April 2013

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FAZT — Let us solve your formulation problems!

FAZT iPhoneCheck out our new, enhanced FAZT, or Formulator Assisting ZetaSperse® Tool, which can now be accessed via your mobile or desktop device. The FAZT is an online tool designed to help formulators of coatings and inks quickly find a ZetaSperse dispersant product recommendation for the specific pigment grade being utilized. Populated with over a thousand different pigment products, this tool instantly recommends the optimal dispersant choices based on our experience and testing. The tool also highlights the benefits and characteristics of each product recommendation, calculates a starting point formulation based on the desired pigment loading, and with a single click, allows you to e-mail it to yourself or a colleague.

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The FAZT features:

• Easy access from your mobile or desktop device
• Improved accessibility via the Web
• An extensive database of global pigments
• A broad list of global pigment suppliers
• Specific dispersant recommendations for each pigment
• Top performing defoamer recommendations

The FAZT is a leading industry formulation selection tool that can help you find the right technical solution quickly and efficiently.

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