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April 2014

DynolTM superwetting surfactants

An innovative portfolio of superwetting solutions from Air Products

Dynol superwetting surfactantsAir Products now offers an extensive array of superwetting surfactants to solve even the most difficult-to-wet surface problems. These products can assist the formulator in developing formulations to wet low-energy surfaces, such as plastic, wood or even poorly prepared or oil-contaminated metal surfaces.

We are proud to offer four different classes of superwetters, the 300, 600, 800 and 900 Dynol surfactant series. Our offering includes both siloxane-based and siloxane-free products that can provide exceptionally low dynamic and low equilibrium surface tension reduction. We have products in the Dynol surfactant family that can aid in film coalescence, and others that can provide foam control in addition to superwetting characteristics.

Dynol 360 superwetting surfactant – Dynol 360 surfactant can be used in a wide range of resin chemistries including one- and two-component systems. This product can be part of your strategy to reduce formulation VOCs by improving coalescence, reducing the minimum film formation temperature and providing excellent substrate wetting without generating foam.

Dynol 800 series superwetting surfactants – These products are targeted to maximize wetting and minimize defects like craters, fisheyes, orange peel and pinholes, while controlling foam generation in waterborne coatings, inks and adhesives. These non-silicone and non-fluorinated products reduce equilibrium and dynamic surface tensions, and can be used under diverse application conditions.

Dynol 900 series superwetting surfactants – These superwetters are based on unique siloxane chemistries offering both equilibrium and dynamic surface tension reduction. The Dynol 900 series surfactants can play a critical role in achieving high-quality coatings and ink jet inks. These products offer low foam performance and because of their siloxane composition, they also provide flow and leveling properties.

Dynol superwetters—the secret weapon that should be on every formulator’s bench. 

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