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April 2015

Your secret weapon — DynolTM superwetting surfactants

A portfolio of superwetting options to choose from. With four different classes of superwetters,
Air Products gives formulators the advantage over their toughest enemy – difficult to wet surfaces.

top secret

Applying water-based coatings on wood, plastic or oily metal substrates can be a battle since highly porous wood grains as well as low-surface-energy polymers and greases are extremely difficult to wet even under equilibrium conditions. Add to that the complicating factor that few coating processes operate in an equilibrium state and you can feel as though your surfaces are waging war on you. Air Products portfolio of Dynol superwetters have been strategically designed to provide a variety of options to lower the equilibrium and dynamic surface tensions of formulations. In addition many of these products are no foam or low foam and can aid the coalescence of films by reducing the minimum film formation temperature (MFFT).

A portfolio of superwetting options to choose from

Air Products is proud to offer four different classes of superwetters, the Dynol 300, 600, 800 and 900 series. Each of these products has different attributes based on the nature of the superwetting surfactant molecules employed, resulting in a portfolio of superwetters that can solve almost any difficult-to-wet surface challenge.

Dynol Superwetting Surfactant Family Attributes

Dynol superwetting surfactant family attributes

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