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December 2015

A low-VOC Molecular Defoamer for Zero-Foam Dynamic Wetting and Defect-Free Foam Control

Surfynol 107L SurfactantIntroducing Surfynol 107L Surfactant

Based on our proprietary high-performance Gemini chemistry, Surfynol 107L surfactant is a nonionic liquid surfactant that contains No added APEs, silicones or flurosurfactants and is the latest addition to our innovative portfolio of molecular defoamers and dynamic wetting agents.

Our unique chemistry offers a range of surface active performance benefits that provide defect-free defoaming and deaerating benefits, designed to help formulators address their foam control and dynamic surface wetting needs in low-VOC coating, ink and adhesive formulations.  

Surfynol 107L Surfactant benefits:
  • Molecular defoaming: disrupts the foam stabilization mechanism of foamy surfactants and polymers to provide defect-free foam control
    – Suitable for sensitive applications and tank-side use  
  • Dynamic wetting: efficient substrate wetting during high speed application processes with zero-foam  
  • Non-micellar: non-emulsifying, non-foam stabilizing, highly efficient surface tension reduction  
  • Excellent handling profile: globally registered, non-volatile, solvent-free, no APEs, low viscosity liquid of low hazards 
  • Can reduce minimum film formation temperature (MFFT)

To learn more about Surfynol 107L and our range of dynamic wetting agents to meet your application needs please visit:

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