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December 2011
The Fundamentals of Defoaming Technology—Explained!

Foam is often a formulator’s worst nightmare. Just as the finishing touches are being put on a new formulation, the problem of foam can rear its head. During production, foam can reduce milling or grinding efficiency; increase required production time and energy; lower product density, leading to incorrect filling of production vessels; and also cause problems during the packaging of the finished material. Foam can also create problems during application, such as reducing the transfer efficiency of the product during the application process or creating surface defects in the dry film that reduce the protective and aesthetic qualities of the finished surface.

To help you combat foam in your formulations, Air Products offers a complete portfolio of defoamer technologies, including:

Ink samples with and without defoamer
Ink samples prepared without and
with defoamer.
  • Organic oil type defoamers for high PVC paints, high viscosity coatings and adhesives.
  • Silicone defoamers for high gloss paints, clear coats and industrial coatings.
  • Molecular defoamers capable of defoaming the most sensitive formulations effectively, without causing surface defects.

Variables such as pigment volume concentration, viscosity, addition point, binder type, application method and substrate characteristics can all influence which defoamer will be the most effective.

Our new technical bulletin looks at the fundamentals of foam and the selection criteria for choosing a defoamer to help make it easier for you to find the right defoamer for your formulation.

So whether you’re trying to solve an issue with knockdown, persistence, efficiency, compatibility, or shelf life, Air Products has a defoamer that can help you.

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