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December 2012


Which defoamer is right for my formulation?

which defoamer is right for my formulation?The selection of a defoamer for a given formulation must take into consideration many factors, including the ink or coating raw materials, method of manufacture,
means of application, and cure conditions. As our technology portfolio and product line has expanded, so have your choices. To help you select the best defoamer for your formulation, Air Products has developed two new selector guides for the formulating chemist—one for inks and graphic arts and the other for paints and coatings. Our new guides provide selector tables to help you determine which products can help achieve your formulation goals.

When selecting a defoamer, it is important to consider how all factors affect defoamer performance as well as the defoamer compatibility in a given formulation; therefore, defoamers must always be screened for suitability. The selector guides suggest the appropriate starting defoamers to screen, based on the formulation type and application method.

From product development to applications testing to technical service, we can help you put it all together by teaming the best products with an unparalleled applications development team. From ideas to finished products, our team can help you develop products, solve problems and grow your business. 


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