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December 2014

Additives for Graphic Arts 

Graphic ArtsAs production costs continue to rise, converters are constantly searching for ways to minimize costs and improve print quality. Increasing press speeds can maximize throughput; without the right ink formulation however, poor substrate wetting and ink transfer as well as increased foam can occur which are all detrimental to print quality.

Air Products offers a broad line of multifunctional additives to solve common formulating problems and improve end use performance. Based on unique chemistry, our Surfynol®, Dynol™, Carbowet®, Airase® and ZetaSperse® additives offer superior pigment and substrate wetting, even over difficult surfaces, and persistent foam control with minimal surface defects.

  • Surfynol Additives – Unique additives providing wetting, defoaming, and grind assistance. These additives provide an excellent balance of wetting and defoaming that’s critical to dispersing organic pigments used in inks. Surfy¯nol additives have a proven history of eliminating formulating problems and improving end system properties when used in graphic arts formulations.
  • Dynol Superwetting Surfacants – High performance wetting additives specifically designed for low energy surfaces. Offering both organic and siloxane based products, Dynol surfactants offer unsurpassed surface tension reduction under both equilibrium and dynamic conditions.
  • Carbowet Grind Aid Surfactants – Fully optimized to provide improved pigment milling efficiency, Carbowet grind aids are critically in overcoming deficiencies found in using a dispersant or grind resin alone and offer improved hiding power, higher gloss and faster color development for waterbased inks.
  • Airase Defoamers – Organic and siloxane based defoamers specifically designed for aqueous ink systems. Airase defoamers offer predictable performance with respect to defoaming strength and formulation compatibility for both dispersions and ink letdowns.
  • ZetaSperse Additives – High performance dispersants and co-dispersants providing formulation flexibility for dispersing organic, high performance organic and carbon black pigments.

To improve substrate wetting, eliminate foam, increase ink transfer and significantly reduce surface tension when used at low use levels, turn to Air Products to help you solve your most difficult challenges.

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