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February 2012
Wet, Wetter and Wettest
Air Products' Solutions to Your Wetting Agent Needs

Formulators of water-based products appreciate that the relatively high surface tension of water means that it can “bead-up” on many common hard-to-wet surfaces—not just plastic or foil, but even wood, with its numerous nooks and crannies. This means that water-based systems need the help of a wetting agent to promote thorough coverage of a coating, ink or adhesive. Air Products is proud to offer a complete range of wetting agents for use in water-based formulations.

We are committed to providing products and solutions that offer unmatched performance gains.
We are committed to providing
products and solutions that offer
unmatched performance gains.

The products in our Dynol™ surfactant line are often referred to as “superwetters” because they have the ability to lower surface tensions of formulations significantly, with fast dynamic speed. These products, often used in place of fluorosurfactants or silicone wetting agents, can achieve lower surface tensions on timescales appropriate to the application. Dynol surfactants also have the benefit of creating no or very little foam. Unlike most other surfactants that cause and stabilize foam, Dynol surfactants can provide defoaming properties in some cases.

Our Surfynol® surfactant line is the benchmark by which many surfactants are measured.Good surfactancy is coupled with fast dynamic speed, so our Surfynol can be used in numerous applications where surface wetting and final surface appearance are important—whether for an automotive coating, a high-speed ink or a clear-coat for a wood cabinet. Most of our Surfynol surfactants also have the benefit of creating little foam and, in some cases, can even provide defoaming properties for your formulations.

Our Carbowet® surfactants provide the formulator with wetting in applications that don’t need the high performance of more sophisticated wetting agents. In many cases, our Carbowet surfactants offer these particular products enhanced wetting compared to conventional alkylphenol ethoxylates and are APE-free.

Whether your application needs a surfactant to be wet (Carbowet surfactants), wetter (Surfynol surfactants) or the wettest (Dynol surfactants), Air Products has a product that can help you solve your formulation issues.

To learn more about our offerings for waterborne coatings, be sure to stop by Air Products’ booth 107 at the 2012 Waterborne Symposium in New Orleans, February 13–17. Also consider attending the “Reformulating to Waterborne Coatings” short course being held February 13–17 at the show. This short course will feature Air Products’ Dr. Charles Hegedus and Tracy Wickmann.

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