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January 2015

Importance of Additives 

AdditivesAdditives—although they can be only a few percent of the coating, ink or adhesive formulation, they are often the make-or-break component that allows the formulation to perform as intended.

Inadequate surface tension reduction in a final formulation can result in the cratering of a coating, retraction of an adhesive on a release liner or ink mottling during printing. Other issues include the development of orange peel, picture framing, surface defects such as fisheyes, or problems with flow and leveling. Air Products offers unique wetting agents such as our multifunctional Gemini Surfynol® surfactants that provide extremely low dynamic surface tension reduction. Our Dynol™ Superwetter surfactants allow the wetting of even the most hard-to-wet surfaces such as plastic, wood and oil-contaminated metals.

The presence of foam can also provide challenges to the formulator—foam can cause defects in the final coating (whether an ink, an adhesive or a paint) as well as causing process issues such as inefficient loading in process equipment or the under filling of commercial packages. Air Products offers the novel SSDL™ Airase® siloxane defoamer line that allows the formulator to quickly identify the optimum defoamer for use in a particular system. We also offer traditional oil-based defoamers and as unique molecular defoamers—defoamers that do not operate via an incompatibility mechanism; these unique defoamers act as both defoamers and wetting agents.

For the development and production of pigment dispersions Air Products offers the ZetaSperse® dispersants for a wide range of pigments. But primary dispersants is only part of the story; the use of our grind aids during pigment grinding provide dynamic stabilizing that results in faster dispersion production and greater color strength. During let-down pigment float can occur due to insufficient pigment stabilization, a situation that can often be solved using our stabilizing additives.

Additives can be the “magic” component for many formulations. For quality and novel surfactants, defoamers and dispersants, reach for Air Products unique and effective products.

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